Sunday 8 June 2008

Very pleasant afternoon

Today Jo and I went out for lunch to the Minnow in Weybridge. It's lovely there - right by the wier on the river and the food is great. We had a lot of fun and much merriment - with quite a lot of alcohol, then came home and had more alcohol. I'm starting to get a taste for the alcohol - crikey!! Lunch was lovely - just a sunday roast for me, after loads of bread and balsamic vinegar and oil - which I love. I could just eat that all day without having anything else!! The beef was lovely and I had some very hot horseradish..which burnt my nose and made my eyes water - but I love it when that happens!!!

Then after lunch we went to sit outside in the lovely sunshine for coffee and had a really nice talk about life, the universe and everything. We quite put the world to rights. We also talked about how ridiculous Jordan and Peter Andre are - but that's a whole other story!!! I'm wearing my sunglasses because a) it was sunny and b) that way you can't see the laughter lines (!) around my eyes!!!

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