Thursday 5 June 2008

I am having a nice time

The week so far......has been different to say the least!! Dan has left Uni and gone to Bruce's yard for the summer with Rupert. She likes it at Bruce's as she gets to spend lots of time working hard (!) she gets to stay in a lovely little house with a pretty stream running by the front door. She lives with two lovely girls called Abby and Bex and together they have a lot of fun. Bruce teaches her to ride better, and then they all go competing together. She spent all summer at Bruce's last year and I know that she would rather be there than here at home being bored. I'm off to see her competing at Longleat next Friday and I'm really looking forward to that.

Work has been 'same old...same old' but things have settled down somewhat since the redundancies and we have more of a structure now - which is much more preferable than the way it was before. I have even managed to finish work before 4pm every day this week, which means more time with Millie and Phoebe. That in itself is enough to keep me happy :)

My cosmic ordering result is arriving in just over two weeks time - so I am really excited about that - I still can't tell you what it is - but suffice to say it will be the best thing that has happened to me in a very very long time :) And related to the cosmic ordering I have been having some very interesting and enjoyable dialogue with a certain somebody, who shall of course, remain nameless for the time being.

Tonight I am going out for a curry and a beer with Lisa, Emma and that will be nice.

All in all June is turning out to be a very nice month. I hope the entire summer continues in the same vein.

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