Saturday 6 October 2007

Lovely day...but not for the animals

Yesterday was a lovely day. I went up to 'town' (that's London for those of you who aren't in the know) to meet my lovely Auntie Mimi (Mum's twin sister) to do Harrods. We had a lovely wander round the designer clothes saying 'How Much?...!!!!" and I tried on the most beautiful jacket ever made. It was rabbit fur (boo hiss) and dyed all the colours of the rainbow. It fitted perfectly and looked a million dollars - it was bargain at £2 grand!!!! Now, obviously I would never spend that much on a jacket - EVER - and I would never wear fur, but just for a moment it was very decadent to try it on. We had a look at the deisgner wedding dresses - no, no, no, I'm not getting married again, and then moved onto shoes and handbags and sunglasses. It was fabulous and a very girly day out. We had lunch at the Terrace restaurant on the 4th floor and I had steak and chips. Best piece of steak I think I've ever tasted.

We moved downstairs to the foodhall and bought Uncle David (who'd been left behind in the caravan in Hemel Hempstead) a nice box of handmade chocolates all tasting of yummy crumble, jam roly poly, bananas and I hope he enjoys those.

Last night I went out for supper with Lisa, Geoff, Emma and Emma and Paul to Giraffe for a burger. That was great fun too. So yesterday I tried on a fur coat, had steak, and had a burger. No animal rights around here!!...Oh yes, and I was wearing leather shoes and carrying a leather handbag and purse. Vegetarians and Vegans...pah.

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