Saturday 6 October 2007

Someone else will do it

I always used to be really clean and tidy around the house. It's my army training and my utter need for control. But just lately I can't be bothered. Right now there are dirty pots and dishes from 3 days ago in the kitchen, and books and magazines strewn all over the floor. There's also a load of clean clothes piled up on the back of the sofa awaiting being ironed, and they've been there for a whole week. I had 2 bunches of flowers for my birthday 2 weeks ago, and they were still in vases on the coffee table, but they had dried up and the water had gone all smelly (ugh). When I got home last night the flowers had gone. Jo and Cressy had sorted it out because they needed the vases for flowers for the rest of the main house. So that kind of proves a theory, that is if you leave your mess long enough someone will come round ond day and sort it out. Now I know where my ex-husband was coming from, and where teenagers and most blokes get their ideas from. I wonder who will come and do the ironing?

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