Wednesday 17 October 2007

Car Crash Update

The Doddery old Gimmer has just 'phoned. He tells me that it was his wife's car he was driving, and he's not sure if he's actually insured to drive it. Would it be alright if he just sent me a cheque to pay for my damage? Would that cheque include enough to hire a funky little sports car for me to drive around in for a couple of weeks while my FLSC is fixed? Oh No, he's not made of money...came the reply. You see, it's not only 17 year old boy racers that drive around on our roads with no insurance - now pensioners have taken it up too. Fan - Bleeding - Tastic. No wonder he didn't want me to 'phone the police. Can you imagine the ensuing car chase around Esher? You've got to laugh........It's a good job that some of us responsible citizens do the right thing - like having a license, road tax, insurance. In future don't let those pensioners get away with 'that look' they give you know the one...not in my day, law abiding citizens...yaddah yaddah. Don't be fooled by the folded checked picnic blanket on the parcel shelf, and the pork pie hat with Mrs wearing a rain hood. They're criminals.....I tell you...borrowing their friend's disabled passes so that they can park nearer the door at Tesco. Put them in a home:)

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