Wednesday 17 October 2007

Itchy Little Mole Update

I had my appointment at Guildford Hospital yesterday. The consultant took one look at the ILM and said it was a 'halo nevus' and absolutely nothing to worry about. That's alright for her to say. I have worried about ILM for nigh on 6 weeks and she just dismissed it with one glance. She clearly didn't realise what I had been through. As I walked back to the car I was mightily relieved that it was nothing, but also a bit disappointed that there are no prescriptions for retrospective worry, not even a cup of tea and a biscuit, no soothing words, no empathy, nothing. I felt a bit cheated!!! The NHS have another statistic for 'clear up rates' (is it like crime?) and I am left with nothing!!! Not even a buckshee day off work for my trauma. Pah.

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