Saturday 6 May 2006

Unashamed advertising and nepotism - Saco Hair

I just wanted to tell you about my cousin Richard. I have more cousins than this - and if any of the others read this I don't want you to feel left out - and may write about you in the future - but today it's about Richard!

Richard is 3 years younger than me, and is very talented (unlike me!) He is the son of my Mum's twin sister - so in a way he's more like a brother, than a cousin. His first real job was as a trainee hairdresser at Robert Taylor's salon in Sheffield. He stayed there a while, learning his craft. From there he went to work for Vidal Sassoon in Manchester. He is very creative and artistic, and soon he was working around the world for Sassoon, training his stable of hairdressers all over the globe.

Richard is also ambitious, and now, about 22 years later, after much planning, wailing and gnashing of teeth, I am very proud to announce that Richard has opened his very own training academy right in the centre of London. (it's at Covent Garden). It's called Saco Hair, there is a link to the website - so please check it out. If you want a very good hair cut - and I mean VERY GOOD just call up and make an appointment. If you live within 2 hours of London it's well worth the visit, and if not - poor you!!!

A Richard Ashforth haircut is an experience not to be missed.

Congratulations Richard, and I and "Da Family" all wish you the very best of luck for the future.

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