Saturday 6 May 2006

Food Shopping at M&S - fabulous!!

I have just been shopping. I live in Weybridge, Surrey, and we have a Waitrose, and then 100 yards away, an M&S Food shop. It's not so long ago when Dan was small and times were hard that I would dream of being able to buy food at M&S. Now, I can, and for that I am eternally grateful to the fickle Fairy of fate that has bestowed upon me a well-paid job.

I am not really a big foodie, I can't cook very well, but I do like tasty and different things. I won't list for you everything I have bought in M&S this morning - but here's a small sample.....Lime and Chilli dressed honduran King Prawns, Mozzarella and sundried tomato salad, Chocolate Eclairs (yes, again!), herb encrusted focachia bread, rump steak with roquefort cheese and chive crust......lovely. When I got to the check out, the lady told me that if I purchased two more "deli" items I would receive a free cool-bag! That was enough of an incentive for me!!, and back I tootled to the deli section to make my choices.

So now I am the proud owner of a M&S cool bag - which is rather racy with its stylish black and green design. I will cut a dash if ever I should go on a picnic!!!

Now I'm going to have a cup of tea, and one of the two strawberry jam and fresh cream scones that I also bought!!!

On some days, when the sun is shining, and my fridge is full, and there's money in the bank, and my horse is behaving...I love my life. Today is one of those days!!!! To whomever it was up there who bestowed life's blessings upon me...I would like to say "Thankyou!"


  1. DOn't worry Trace, you'll be moaning again tomorrow!! ;-)

  2. DOn't worry Trace, you'll be moaning again tomorrow!! ;-)


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