Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

It's here then. 2012. Full of promise and exciting possibilities. I will probably be spending most it on remand for murder if Dear Mother doesn't stop making a bloody racket in the kitchen. It's 7am and she's clearing out the Christmas Fridge. I am very glad that I'm going back to Whit tomorrow. Ten days is about as much as anybody can take...(I know - I did three months last year - but desperate times require desperate bunking up at Mother's)...Never...Ever...Again.

I've had a brillzoid Christmas with dear Family and dear Friends. Have spent quality time with luscious daughter....the divine Mrs Smith....the wondrous Mrs Morris - including a very stressful half hour when I failed to rouse Mother from slumber and we almost called the fire brigade...almost...but not quite....and that following a few drinkies and a curry.

I spent a cracking evening with the Briddons - where the amazing Victoria cooked lovely food - and the children were delightful and the company was very much funnikins and the laughter was lots and lots :)

I also had a lovely lunch with the Billster. Gentleman of great wit and charisma..who I love dearly. Sadly he was having probs of the romantic I advised and comforted (I think) and encouraged and reminded him just how wonderful he is. He'll sort it - he's a clever chap.

I made a quick visit to my favourite clothes shop yesterday and bought one or two items of splendour. It's cheap - but stylish...a bit like me really!

Tomorrow I'm going back to Whit - but have a dinner appointment with a Gentleman Caller. It's not somebody I've met - he's a twitter friend. But - he makes me laugh and seems to be quite bright and shiny. So..we'll see what (if anthing) develops. Mind you...seeing as he's just got back from a week away with another Lady - I don't think Romance will be on his mind. Which is a shame - perhaps 2012 will be another man-free year for me.

So - quick backwards glance at 2011...

Spent most of the year with cracking people (I am blessed)...end of April saw me running away to Malta for the Summer to work with the fabulous Martin Stanhope and Julian Doyle - learning diving skills and teaching skills and getting a tan - and catching the eye of a 35 year old (ooh - get her!)....and generally having a wonderful time - it was a blast - and I will never EVER forget last Summer. August saw me returning back to the UK to do an intensive course and pass some difficult exams to qualify as a Scuba Diving Instructor. What a day that was! Proud? I'll say.

The Autumn months saw me staying in Peterborough and learning more about my chosen trade - under the watchful eye of the wonderful Lynn Smith - my mentor - and a true Dame!

Last year brought no gentlemanly snogging whatsoever...but much, much fun and laughter...much learning...and much happiness.

Here's to 2012 x

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