Wednesday 17 December 2008

Well - I wish it could be Christmas every day!!!

Sorry for falling off the edge of the earth like that! A few people will be wondering if I've met with some terrible accident (or hoping?) seeing as it's been over a week since I wrote anything on here. No excuse other than I've been a bit busy! I'm sure January will see a return to relative normality - but December is just mad. I still haven't finished my Xmas shopping and I'm off to Oxford on Monday and will be away for nearly two weeks. 

I've had houseguests since Friday (two of Dan's friends - who are lovely) have been using the house as a base to go and 'do' London - so I've given them my room and have been consigned to one of the spare rooms in the big house. The weekend involved shopping for a Christmas tree and then the putting up and decorating of the said item (lovely!). I knew that my "Yorkie bars aren't for girls" truck would come in handy at some point!!!

I met Oboe Jane the other night for Sushi and she is now a fully fledged member of the Princess Shiny Diamond group of girls (don't ask!) which is growing all the time. If you'd like to join - just drop me a line!!!!

The coming weekend will involve a party, dinner out and lots of carol singing - then a trip to Oxfordshire on Sunday night to do food shopping and get ready for Christmas :) I'm away for New Year in Suffolk (fab!) but if I get the chance I will pop a few notes on here in between.

I've been doing a bit of stuff for a friend which has taken up a fair bit of time - but obviously I can't say too much about that !!!

Happy Christmas Everybody xxxx


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