Wednesday 3 December 2008

Where have you been?

I had a message from Christian this morning asking why I hadn't posted anything on here for a while!!! It's only been three days but I know he is used to me being more prolific - so many apologies to him and to anybody else who wondered where I had gone!

On Saturday I went to Banbury for an overnight stay - dinner was Steak and Kidney pie (home made) with lashings of Henderson's Relish (nothing less would do) - and it was delicious! Sunday morning involved a trip to the Ten pin Bowling - of course I came last - but I did it on purpose so that nobody would guess that I am in fact a world class bowling expert. I was even beaten by a nine year old girl :)

Then on Monday Nicola and I took Millie for a long walk in Richmond Park and then had lunch there. I managed to totally trash the wheel arch of my car whilst attempting a three point turn in a narrow alleyway which had steel barriers (oops) and then scratched all the front end of it whilst turning into her drive. (I am such a tit).

Last night I drove for about an hour and a half to go and have dinner at a lovely japanese restaurant in Swindon followed by an overnight stay there and I have just this minute got home.

In a minute I'm off out to meet someone for lunch and then tonight I'm going to 'Town' for sushi. Tomorrow I'm getting my nails done in Kingston and doing some Christmas shopping - then friday it's lunch with Trish and then a guest staying over until Monday.

Busy busy busy - it's no wonder I don't have time to post anything on here - is it?

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