Sunday 1 October 2006

Train the Trainer

This week I have spent 3 days in London (Holborn) on a "Train the Trainer" course run by Reed. I went with my good friend Trish who is our company's HR manager. I have to say that the train/tube method of travel is okay if rather cramped, and I was concerned about the transmission of germs and cold bugs - bound to happen when you nose and mouth are millimetres away from a stranger.....yuch! Talk about sardines!!!

As part of the course we had to do 2 training presentations to the rest of the group (about 8 of us) lasting 15 minutes each which were video taped for posterity.

I love doing this as you are in control of the group and can pretty much make them do anything in the guise of a "Group exercise". On tuesday I had everyone on their feet riding an "Imaginary" horse...the rising trot movement was a joy to behold and most members of our group would have a future in porn movies should they lose their present jobs!!!! When we moved onto the hip movements for canter I could hardly keep a straight face.

My second presentation was about Pest Control, and most importantly the visual differences between Mice (mus domestica) and young rats (rattus norvegicus). Again I had the group participating...this time on their feet doing impressions of squeaky mice and scratchy rats.......fantastic!!!

If anyone would like to hire the videos....just let me know!!!

(By the way I got top marks for originality!)

Now I have been on the course I am free to create training courses for our company's various departments. The clue here is for them not to piss me off or I'll have them doing all sorts of daft and embarassing things under the guise of "Training". Watch out the Sales Department - that's all I can say!!!


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