Sunday 1 October 2006

Update on Phoebe's Haircut

Because I know you were all worried (!) I have to report the Phoebe's haircut went rather well!!! She was as good as gold, although initially a bit miffed when all the other horses on the yard went out to the fields and she had to stay home alone!! (Cue much whinnying and fast pacing around her stable). The clippers didn't overheat and burn her skin, and this year for the first time she let me go right to the little back bit between her legs where her nipples are (usually very sensitive and ticklish) and never even swished her tail. By the time I had finished - about 2 hours - she was so relaxed she was falling asleep.

I expected her to be a bit fresh in my riding lesson yesterday afternoon - by virtue of the fact that she can now feel my leg more on her sides and also the breeze gets right to her skin - but no - she was as good as gold. Last night for the first time she had to be rugged up in the stable to keep her cosy and I have to tell you with pride that her stable fleece rug is very bright pink and has a leopard skin pattern to it (she look's like an equine Bet Lynch)...lovely!!!

I really love my horse with all my heart - she's such a good girl - and have to admit that the more time I spend with her, the less time I want to spend with people...maybe it's because she doesn't answer back!!!!


  1. Horse steak is delicious. The French have got it right. :-)

  2. Horse steak is delicious. The French have got it right. :-)


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