Thursday 16 June 2011


Well - this evening I am feeling more than a little homesick. It's been nearly 7 weeks - and I suppose I feel like this because Dan was here last week...and now she's gone - and the novelty of working every day of the week and not eating properly or getting enough sleep has started to wear off a bit. I'm still loving the diving of course - and the people that I get to spend all day with are mainly cool.....but I miss my UK friends very much. So here's a big wave to Fifi La Trix, Jayne M, Bill R, Christian & Victoria, Helen and Andrew, Jopa, and loads more besides. The great thing about my proper friends is that they already know all about I don't have to explain who I am, or why I do the things I do in the way I do.....nobody really knows me here - and it feels kind of odd to be 'not known' properly.....

Anyway - I'm sure it's just a phase and it will pass......


  1. Big hug to you lady. I guess it must be hard having seen Dan and getting out of your routine. I'll bet she was dead proud of you, though xxx

  2. I am blessed to know you and i thank God for knowing you. I miss you so very much Tracy I agree with Ali you have just been with "Our Dan" so that will have put you out of sorts - big hugs
    forever your friend
    La Trix xxxxx

  3. You keep at it there honey, you are doing well and doing what you have always wanted to do! Your friends are always here for you and we won't be going anywhere and are just an email/txt/call/flight away - always reachable!
    Jopa x


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