Wednesday 7 October 2009

On the dole!

I've just been to the job centre. Apparently as I'm 'looking for work' I am entitled to 'Job Seeker's Allowance'. Back in the day this was called dole money - but now it has a much fancier title. To qualify for this government funded gift you have to be seeking work - which I am - so I am therefore entitled to some sixty-odd quid per week for my trouble. I'm not going to say no - now am I?

Anyway - my visit and subsequent interview was a tad traumatic. Firstly the place was full to bursting with pikeys. No offence to the mass unemployed - but one glance would tell you why the majority of them are unemployed. I know I'm a bit of a snob (no? really? you're kidding - right?)

I was a wee bit discombobulated to discover that the job centre has had an interior designer in to give it a kind of make-over. Designer carpets, fancy desks, up to the minute electronic notice boards - all a bit worrying if you ask me...I would have thought it would be better if they were grey and institutionalised - a bit like an open prison - and I would have them turn the thermostat right down - it needs to be chilly? right?...but no - it's very comfortable, I could have stayed all day! (if you pay income tax - you should be weeping right now!)

Anyway - my interviewer - was a wee bit amazed when I told her I had applied for more than 6 jobs in the last week and had been for three interviews - I get the feeling that most 'customers' don't manage that in six months - let alone six days.

She asked me what kind of job I was after - Office Manager, PA - that kind of thing.....imagine my surprise when she printed off the details for a night time shelf stacker in a well known supermarket!!! Beggars can't be choosers it seems.

I didn't think it was prudent to mention that I won't actually be able to make my next signing on date, as I'm going to be away on holiday!!! (ouch).

Needless to say once the interview was over I made a hasty exit - came home and spent half an hour in our fumigation chamber. I have set myself a goal to get a job wthin the next 2 weeks so I never have to go there again!

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