Thursday 29 October 2009


Where have you been? Well - as you can see from the picture - I've been to the Middle East! Jordan to be precise on a lovely diving holiday with Posselq. We went for 7 days - and dived twice a day for 6 days. We saw all kinds of critters under the water and had a fab fab fab time. I must have behaved because Posselq didn't try to drown me even once. That in itself is a big surprise - he had every opportunity.

We saw so many creatures under the sea - too many to list - but the best
was a huge Moray eel lurking in its cave - complete with the skeleton of its latest meal right outside the door! The eel's head was as big as my thigh (thank you - I know that means it was huge).

I have to tell you that getting in and out of a skin tight rubber suit twice a day wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done - (in future I'll leave that particular fetish alone!) and to begin with I struggled with my buoyancy - but by the end of the week I was floating about like Jacques Cousteau......


Beautiful New life