Wednesday 1 August 2007


On Tuesday I went over to Gloucestershire to see Dan. It took me 4 hours to get there (traffic jam on M4) but it was worth it. She looked tired and seemed to have lost a few pounds in weight, so I took her out for a big meal, and we went shopping to a tack shop. The little house that she is living in is lovely and she showed me how busy she has been with all her cleaning and cooking etc!!! I miss her so much, and home is so very quiet without her (albeit tidier and more organised!).

The main thing is that she is having fun and learning lots about riding and more importantly - jumping cross country. The people she is working for are really nice and looking after her very well. So half of me is glad she's gone because it's so good for her, but the other half is not so glad as it's not that good for me. It's her 18th birthday on the 15th of this month and I can't quite believe that she is going to be all grown up. So put all that together with the news that I need reading glasses (see previous post) and I can tell you that I'm really starting to feel my age!!.

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