Thursday 2 August 2007

Good Luck Dan

Today Dan and Bugsy have their very first one day event of the Summer. Because of the rain all the others that she had entered were cancelled. She's on her way now (6.50am) to the West Wilsthire show ground and her dressage starts at 9am. She just sent me a text from the lorry and she was asleep!!! She's doing the show jump phase at 10am and then the cross country at 10.45am. So if you read this before then...keep your fingers crossed. Bruce (who she works for and who teaches her) has made her carry a whip (to 'encourage' Bugsy) which she is using for the first time in competition today!!! Bugsy will probably jump all the way to Kent. I'll post an update later so you can find out how they got on. Anyway "GOOD LUCK DAN"!!!

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