Saturday 11 August 2007


I've been away in Spain since Wednesday - it was cloudy but very warm so don't have much of a tan, Had a big argument with Dan's Dad about her impending (Aug 15th) 18th birthday - but it's okay because I actually won for once!!! (I think). Before I went to Spain I worked away for two days in Gloucester and then in South Wales, so I haven't seen my lovely Phoebe for 7 days. Cressie has been round to feed the cat (thanks Cressie) who only killed one mouse in an entire week - which is a good thing as Cressie has a notoriously weak stomach. Whilst in Spain did 3 hair-raising journeys along the toll toad from Airport to House travelling at extremely high speeds and wimpering loudly (sorry Mike), and enjoyed 4 lovely days with extended family. I'm back now and off to Gloucestershire again on Wednesday for a dinner out and overnight stay for Dan's Birthday. None of the birthday presents that I have ordered for her have arrived yet (gulp) so I may yet have to shop to buy her a gift that I can take along on the day. Going to an event tomorrow to groom for Dee (Dan's friend) and am having a riding lesson in the afternoon. Jo is coming over for tea and cake at some point tomorrow also. Must phone my Mother, do laundry and ironing and find some time to write a report for work. Oh yes, also must balance bank account and work out exactly how much I spent on trip to Spain.

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