Tuesday 27 February 2007

Dr. Foster went to Gloucester

At first the rain was a welcome thing - seeing as we had very little of it last summer. Obviously we have to take care of the pasture if we want to graze our horses successfully over the summer, so a little rain is needed. But this is ridiculous. It has rained here every day for what seems like forever. Our fields are like quagmires, the horses are knee deep in sloppy gloopy disgusting mud. The grass is like marshland and the river is threatening to break its banks and flood the fields. Phoebe hates the mud and starts to panic if she feels her legs getting stuck (wouldn't you?), and I have just woken up to hear the rain falling once again. I feel a bit like Noah. I know that I probably do more than most to contribute to global warming, and I don't really know if that's to blame (being a bit dim and not really understanding how all that stuff works), but I am really really getting fed up of it now. Yes, Really! I've just looked at the BBC website for the weather report and it's going to continue raining for most of the rest of this week. I think I want to move to Spain.

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