Sunday 18 February 2007

Meet Fifi - the Killer Cat

I know that you know all about our horses (probably because I'm always going on about them) but we also have a cat. We started with 3 kittens last year which were bought for Dan's brother's birthday. However we took them to the vet to be 'done' and shortly after that 2 of them left home. We searched and searched for them but they never showed up again. Now we just have one!!! Her name is Fifi and she's a killer cat. She brings in mice and voles constantly and we have lots of squeaking from behind radiators and sofas, I have to rescue them and put them back outside. Sometimes I'm too late and come home to find dead small rodents on the floor (aaaaaah). She has actually killed and de-capitated a full grown pidgeon which was twice her size!! The only person in the house who can cope with these dead creatures with all their entrails hanging out is me - so, upon discovery.... I hear screaming and have to run, armed with a big roll of "Bounty" kitchen roll to collect the carcass..Lovely.

There is another side to Fifi, and that's the cuddly side. Every evening after her Whiskas and Iams biscuits she likes to snuggle up on the sofa and have a kip. However - as you can see from the picture - she loves her comfort and won't settle until she's wrapped in my luxury super-soft towelling Per Una dressing gown!!!!

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