Thursday 16 November 2006

How embarrassing

My cousin Stephen sent me an e mail with a movie attachment called "When lap-dancing goes bad"

I opened the attachment and the movie clip featured a naked young lady sitting, bumping and grinding, on the lap of a young man. The end of the clip shows the guy being sick all down the young lady's back...GROSS.

However before we got to that part, Dan's dad popped his head round the door to see if I had any salt he could borrow. He 'caught' me (so he thought) looking at porn, and apologised in rather and embarassed way for "disturbing me during my private time", then quickly backed out of the room.

Cue me chasing after him saying "it's not how it looks...I'm not watching porn", and him saying...."No, no, it's fine, whatever you need to do......etc"

Oh God :)

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