Wednesday 29 November 2006

We don't like change

One of the things I am working on at the moment in my day job, is changing a major supplier.

I have been fascinated by the response I have received across the organisation. Makes no difference that our new deal is cheaper, more efficient, better all round....I have discovered that most people - even though it will not affect them in the NOT like change. Maybe it's not actually the change, but the fact that someone else is kind of forcing the change upon them...I don't really know. But I have been really surprised by the negative reactions I have experienced. To be fair, some people have been pleased by the change, but most have not. I suspect that they aren't even clear what it is that they object to. Does change make people feel insecure, the shift in status quo bringing about nervousness perhaps?...maybe they think.."If this can change, what may be next?" I really don't understand it.

Maybe change is okay if you're in charge of it yourself? It's a real puzzle to me and has caused me a great deal of thought.

People are really fascinating - but I wish that I understood them better sometimes.

What do you think?


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