Saturday 2 September 2006

That was the week that was!

This week has been nice. I don't normally like the word "Nice" as I feel it's a bit lazy - there are thousands of adjectives which do a better job than "nice", but the week hasn't been exciting or splendid, or adventurous, or amazing, or anthing else other than nice!!!!

The weekend was good, involved a trip to Ikea (always a pleasure!!) Swedish meatballs, lots of picture frames (new camera!) and Dime bar cake (yummy). I discovered Eggs benedict in Cafe Rouge for breakfast and have been another twice (delicious). Dan went to Sheffield and came back again on Tuesday, so I had peace and quiet and the opportunity to really give things a good clean - also got to eat all the stuff I love which she normally turns her nose up at...scallops....lamb chops.....caesar salad...etc etc.

On Wednesday I decided new make-up was needed and after a disastrous make-over in Boots done a by a very willing young lady in a white coat who managed to make me look like the bride of Frankenstein I was advised to make an appointment at the "Bobby Brown" counter in Bentalls department store. I had a consultation with a very nice young man who did my make up and managed to lose 10 years along the way. Fabulous!!! I bought one of everything he had used and my credit card got a hammering - mind you it was a lot cheaper than a facelift.

On Thursday I went to the physio who decided to try acupuncture in my dodgy shoulder. The needle went in...hit a nerve....immense sickening bolt of pain, hot sweat, and I promtly threw up all over my saggy white bra (see previous posts!). Not a succesful visit!!!

Today is who knows what the day has in store!!!!! Fingers crossed for a nice weekend!!!!

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