Saturday 7 April 2012 I am in Sheffield for Easter weekend. It feels kind of odd to be honest. I got back late on Thursday after my train was delayed just a quarter of a mile outside the a station...for over an hour...I could have walked back quicker! Got back to Mum's eventually and had some food and an early night. Mum's memory is getting worse...she now has to write everything down...she just forgets stuff as soon as you tell her something. She also repeats herself continuously. I've done the same thing for years ever since a bad car accident in my early 20' I understand..but it can be frustrating.

Friday lunchtime saw us all going out for lunch to celebrate the twin's birthday.. My dear friend Hazel came along too...and a good time was had by all.

Friday night saw me meeting up with the divine Mrs Morris for a few drinks and supper. I love that lady!

This morning we bobbed down to Meadowhall....for a spot of retail therapy and to meet up with Dan and Alex. Then I hot-footed it up to Fiona's. How excited I was to see her again. I love that girl. So much.

We spent the afternoon laughing and giggling and doing girly stuff including charity shop shopping.

Tonight has been relaxing....a nice tea of egg and chips....and watching tv.

I love being home. X

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