Sunday 25 March 2012


Feels like I haven't been on here for ages! (well...that's because you haven't you daft bint!).

Anyway...I've been busy. Teaching. Which I love. I've just spent the weekend teaching two great chaps the Rescue Diver course. It's a brilliant course - very hard work. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while may remember when I took my Rescue Course - and how emotional it was for me. For a's the first time that their consciousness is expanded to think about others before themselves. It's extremely hard work...physically and mentally...and to pass the course is a great achievement. To teach it is an ever bigger thrill!

The chaps I have taught today - Paul and Adrian - are amongst my favourite students and they worked hard and did well. I was very proud of them.

All in all - a great weekend !

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