Tuesday 22 September 2009

Scuba Course in a gravel pit - day one!

Oh My God - look at my hair!!! This scuba business is not condusive to looking glamorous - by any means. This picture was taken at the end of the day after three dives in the freezing cold water of a skanky gravel pit in Leicestershire - where the visibility was about three feet. Just enough to spot the sunken submarine seconds before I crashed into it. It was an eventful day. I learned that diving in the UK is not a pleasure leisure activity. I also learned that I don't like to be cold - not too bothered about the odd chill - but when my hands stop working and I can't do the simplest of tasks with them I am not a happy bunny :) I also realised that I remembered my basic training and when my dive buddy kicked my regulator out of my mouth while I was about 20 metres (that's over 60 feet - crikey!!) underwater - I didn't panic........oh no....not me.....cool as a cucumber (despite the very real risk of drowning) I did the drill - recovered it - and popped it straight back in my mouth again without batting an eye. I must have learned something then!!! I also learned that my buoyancy is not that good and it's not really that funny when your dry suit feet inflate and you end up hanging upside down in the water!!! (reminded me of when I abseiled - head first - down the side of The Grosvenor House Hotel in Sheffield for charity a few years ago!!!) Not once - but over and over again - to the point where the instructors were laughing at me and decided to christen me 'fruit bat'....I really need some leg weights!!!

All in all a good day - and I am now a qualified dry suit diver. More to come on Thursday and Friday - I can't wait!!!! Brrrrrrr x

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