Saturday 24 March 2007

Nothing to report!

I have just read Christian's blog, and he says that he doesn't really have anything to report. Ditto here too I'm afraid. March always seems to trog along a bit. Nothing very exciting. I have managed at long last to rent the house out in Sheffield. So Monday morning will see me getting up at 4am to drive north for a day of dinner service wrapping, and getting the rest of my stuff out as the tenant is moving in on Wednesday. the tenant is an Army officer so at least he'll keep thiings clean and tidy. Emotionally it's very difficult to hand over your home to someone else - especially when you have previously spent three years decorating it room by room. But that'll improve cash flow somewhat! That'll be an opportunity to meet up with a couple of old friends and I'd better fit in a visit to Christian's house as he told me off last time!! My Mum and her twin sister Marguerita are coming to help pack boxes - yippee!!

Today we are going to Dan's first ever one-day event with Bugsy. That's dressage, show jumping and cross country all in one day. We'll be knackered by tea time.

The decorating is coming along nicely and 2 thirds of the room is now done. Last Saturday night I went to Ikea. I had 3 to choose from...Bluewater, Wembley or Croydon. I went to Croydon, but my Sat nav took me the straightest way which also happened to be the slowest!! Ikea was fun, but hellishly busy - I had no idea that so many people apart from me have no Saturday night social life and go to Ikea instead!!! I got a new desk, some lamps and stuff, 3 plants which I shall kill in a very short time, and had meatballs for tea!

I got up on Sunday morning at 6am and had the desk built by 7.30am....flatpack furniture is no problem for this girl!!!

I'm feeling a bit guilty about Phoebe because I haven't ridden her for 2 weeks since the weather changed back to winter. It's just too cold for me, and I can't motivate myself to get on board and tootle round the school. Luckily she's not bothered and is quite content to stay in her stable all cosy and warm!!! I am going to ride her tomorrow before I head off to Sheffield on Monday.

See, I told you, nothing exciting happening round here!


  1. Yes, you'd better pop round. :-)

    Alice wants to laugh at her auntie Tracy.

  2. Yes, you'd better pop round. :-)

    Alice wants to laugh at her auntie Tracy.


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