Tuesday 9 January 2007

DIY Stable Matting

Yesterday my new stable matting arrived. But the numbskull delivery driver took it to next door (riding school) where some stupid employee signed for it - despite it having my name and the wrong address on it. This meant that I had a half ton pallet nowhere near where I needed it to be!!! So I had to go and unpack all 6 sheets of 2 inch thick rubber - each one measuring 6' by 4' and weighing a ridiculous amount, and very floppy, and bring it on a wheelbarrow round to our stable yard. This took about 2 hours, it was chucking it down with rain (water shortage? you're having a laugh aren't you?) I only swore a few times, and not very loudly. Then it had to be fitted. When I ordered it, I measured my stable floor and gave the exact measurements and was assured it would fit - but hey, what's an extra 12 inches of rubber between friends? 6 Hours, 3 stanley knives and much wailing and gnashing of teeth later Phoebe's stable had a lovely new green rubber floor. She came in fronm the field, took one look and at first refused point blank to enter the stables as the floor had changed colour, then she spotted the food in the corner and there was no holding her back. Of course, the floor now has added "bounce" so that was quite funny as she discovered the new feeling beneath her feet - but the food won - and she walked in eventually!!!

Her face was a picture as she explored - snorting and blowing and generally stressing about the new green bouncy floor!!! I could do with rubber matting of my own because I could not get my sore back out of bed this morning, and typing this is difficult as my right hand has permanently taken on the grip required to hold a stanley knife.

I think next time I'll get a little man in.

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