Wednesday 27 August 2014

Drinks with an old pal.

In case you were wondering...I'm still single. We're coming up to five years now and never a dalliance in sight. The trauma of the last relationship ending has just taken so very long to heal.....

Last week I went out to meet an old friend for a drink (brief history...we worked together some 26+ years ago...found again on FB (as you do) and arranged to meet for a bevvie or three).

It went much alcohol was consumed...I wobbled home...and was later bombarded with text messages of the almost sexual nature!

The next day we arranged to meet for lunch. Both pretty fragile to be honest. We agreed to see each other again, and he was going to call me.

Since then....nothing. Not a sausage (ooo err Missus). Nada.

I AM going to get a cat :)


Beautiful New life