Sunday 17 January 2010

New Home for the New Year

Well - I've been a bit amiss with the old blog posts of late. First it was Christmas, then New Year - and for the last ten days or so we've had a few changes in the domestic set up, which has involved quite a bit of arranging and stuff - but we're back with our feet on the ground now and everything is more settled (Phew).

I've moved house to a little village called Greatworth and as I type this I am sitting in front of a roaring log fire with a glass of red in the main drawing room at Greatworth Manor! Am I lady of the manor? Not quite - but I think that might suit me!

In the village is a very cosy friendly little pub - we went there last night to sample the fayre - and very nice it was too. Tonight is quiz night - so have sharpened my brain and am heading off there in a minute or two.

Just a note to the wise - we go through difficulties and wrestle with a few challenges - but with God's grace and the support of our friends and family we get through them. We feel sorry for ourselves for a short while - and then something really tragic and devastating happens to others (Haiti) and we realise just how very lucky we are. We don't really have anything to worry about - do we?


  1. Love ya to bits, soooo glad you are back on your blog!!

    Onwards and upwards and never look back - life is too short.

    Hope to see you soon
    love & best wishes always
    xxxxxxxxx trishy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Get stuck into the new world and breathe again! Life is too short to worry about the trivial things like HAVING to quit smoking and such like! light up and smile!!!
    C of L xxx


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